You know the math: spend less than you earn.

And you're doing that (or you know you should be).

But sometimes you wonder...

"Where is all my money going every month?"

"Am I overpaying for things I'm not thinking about?"

"Can I ever retire?"

What do multi-millionaires have that you don't have (yet)?

Other than a private jet, of course.

But the biggest difference between those who have a bunch of money and the rest of us?

It's not discipline, willpower, or making risky financial moves.


The difference?

​​​​​​​Multi-millionaires pay attention.

They know where each dollar goes.

Want to optimize your money like a multi-millionaire? Maybe you don't want a private jet. Maybe you're happy to settle for a first-class vacation.

That's what Finding Benjamins is all about.

Introducing: The Millionaire's Money Management System, the course that came from Joe's 16 years as a financial planner, where we break down the keys to building wealth for everyone.

Imagine yourself, one year from now...

It's a year from today. You're taking a look at your bank account. It's big. "I'm really glad I set up my accounts to capture as much money as possible," you say to your spouse/friend/dog.

"Taking that Finding Benjamins course was the best idea I've had in a long time."
  • Imagine confidently checking your bank account, and knowing you won't see red.
  • Imagine being able to take your partner out to a nice dinner and a movie without debating whether you can "afford" a nice glass of wine.

    With The Millionaire's Money Management System you'll get 12-modules that won't make you a millionaire overnight, but will set you up set the foundation to live a life of financial freedom.

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